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There are so many books and pamphlets on devotion along with emails coming from any you sign up to receive on this venu.  I have several calendars that have Bible verses and a short explanation for each one.  The important thing about any of these is that they are used.

Each morning I send out a Bible verse to my family members.  I pray about it and then send one that will be uplifting if that is how the Lord leads me.  I pray to be encouraging to each person.  It is so easy to be put down during the day at school or work.  Even in the home you can have negative vibes.  God’s Word though has all feelings coming through the pages.  When you read a book or just a verse you can get feelings of all kinds coming off the page.

Every person has had their ups and downs.  Even Jesus had those days.  He did not sin, but He was ridiculed, argued with, not able to minister in His hometown, His family didn’t think too much of His preaching, finally He was  beaten, and crucified.  Then put in a borrowed grave.

From Genesis through Revelation we find the names of saints who made wrong decisions, sinned greatly, and went off the path God set for them.  But God is always in charge.  He is in control of every situation.  Even when He allows us to go our own way He is in charge.

The devotion here to think about is you make choices every day.  When you make that choice and leave God out you can go off the path He wants you on.  Read a devotion on a calendar, in a little booklet, in the Bible, or whatever you have in your possession.  Think about what you have read during the day.  You will find that you will have a better day because you are focusing on God, not on people you deal with at work, in school, at home, or on the street.  You won’t take offense so easily.  You will be kinder and give others the benefit of the doubt when they come at you negatively.  Try it.