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PERSPECTIVE is the word the chairman used in her letter to the congregation in our Jubilee Journal, the monthly newsletter.
It is interesting to look at things from different viewpoints. Whether you agree or not is not important most of the time.  It is just an opinion.

However, when you look at most things there is a right and a wrong.  The Bible says that the day will come when “evil is called good, and good evil”.   Christians believe that that day is here.  My grandson just adopted a recue dog.  Three months old.  She is black short hair and white spots on her.  The spots are healed blisters that she got when someone in Mississippi threw her on a garbage heap and she was sunburned.  When she was rescued she was in bad shape.  Now she has the best home ever.  Poor sweet little thing.  Who is so heartless that they would do such a thing?

At times we just don’t know what is in this world until we come upon it.  All the politics that do not concern a real need in the country.  All the harmful things done to people and animals and property is hard for some of us to realize.  Prayer is our best answer and should be the first thing we do.  Then as we follow Christ’s directives in the Word go into all the world wherever we are and do the best we can for others in Jesus’s Name.