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I apologize for not keeping this web site up to date the last month.  This has been a real time of getting back to normal for me.  I am still not there, but it is getting better.  Since November 2017 I have been in the hospital three times.  Surgery, rehab, broken neck, rehab, heart pain, rehab.  So it made me think about what normal is for me?

What is “normal” in life for anyone?  There is really no such thing as a normal
day for anyone when you think about it.  You can believe you are boring and your days are boring, but are they?  Can you say that everyday is the same and nothing new happens to me?  But think about it.  What God has planned for you is not always (if ever) how we planned our life.

My prayer list is long and it gets longer every day.  Family, friends, government, babies born, life goes on even when death is facing us and we attend wakes and funerals, memorial services, and prayer vigils.

But God leads us to turning to Him and telling us that nothing goes past Him,  He knows all our “normal” is really His normal for us.  Jesus said that His followers would always have Him with us, but we would have trouble along the way.  So pray for the Holy Spirit to fill you daily, put on the whole armor of God, and pray with thanksgiving and supplication to be filled with the peace only God can give through Jesus Christ.