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This is heart month along with several other titles this month has like Black History Month.
I always am surprised when someone mentions that a day is designated as special day such as ice cream day or cheeseburger day.  I really don’t know how these days get their names, but it probably has to do with advertising.

Everyday of every year is Jesus Day.  He doesn’t bat an eye at each day having a special name.  It reminds us that He is Lord of everything.  St. Valentine’s Day comes from the story of Valentine who when in prison gave his life for another man.  The Roman soldier who wanted to marry a Christian girl was arrested, because it was against the law for a Roman to marry a Christian.  Valentine heard this soldier was to be executed, he came forward and said that he would take the soldier’s place.

Everyday we hear of police, firemen, our military, and even a passerby becoming a hero who goes to the aid of someone in trouble.  This is really a God thing.  Divine Appointments.  God planned this encounter.  Whether you are a Believer or not, God is still in charge.  Wherever you are right now God has placed you there.  You may not be happy where you are, but happiness is a choice.
You are able to have joy, to rejoice, to praise the Lord, to have the peace of God all in Christ Jesus, but you have to choose to be an overcomer and express the joy of Lord which is our strength.