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Bible Devotions




November begins with the 1st being All Saints Day, when those who have gone before us are remembered and honored in many Christian denominations.  A time to think of all the saints, even Old Testament ones, who believed God even before they knew Jesus.  God’s promises to Adam and Eve that there would be a Savior one day had to be something they could not fathom .  Then Abraham, being promised a land and a great descendant.  He just believe God, but had no real idea of what was in store for the Hebrew people.  Israel, made a great nation.  Back in the land today.  Promises being fulfilled.

Our devotion is to our God, who keeps His promises.  We have God the Father, Jesus Christ, His son, and the Holy Spirit, the Promise kept.  Thank you in this month of Thanksgiving.  Christians have so much to b e thankful for even when we are persecuted and in prison and suffering different maladies.  All over the world terrible things are happening to Christians and non-Christians.  But God is over all.