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Our devotion for June holds many memories such as V-J Day.  Thankful to God that the War in the Pacific was over.  I was watching an old movie the other night “Windtalkers” and I cried through the whole thing.  I know it was a movie, but it was a true story about Native Americans who helped win World War II.  They coded everything in their language and the enemy could not decipher it to this day.  It was an inspiriting story of the great American soldier doing a  job so terrible no one could phantom it.  I cried because I thought how senseless war is.  The men being blown up in almost every scene.  I know that it was that horrific for those soldiers.

As Flag Day approaches this month I think of our flag standing up in all the wars.  When the Star Spangled Banner was written, Francis Scott Key saw something that those of us who do not go to war do not see.  The blood of the American soldier spilled for our freedom.  WE can ask God, “Why?”  And I did ask Him that while watching the movie.  From Genesis through Revelation there is war in His Word.  He is showing me that evil has to be fought on every front.  Spiritual battles are going on all the time.  When evil reaches out across oceans, and over borders we must fight it.  It has even been fought right here on our own land.

I know our country is criticized even by our own fellow Americans.  However, God has blessed us.  Our devotion has to be to Him.  We must try to work together in prayer and sacrifice to be that one nation under God that we so value.

God bless us to be the people You want us to be.  Amen.


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