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Bible Devotions




Meditation has gotten a bad reputation in the Christian community through the years.  It is usually thought of being in conjunction with a cult.  However, to sit back, breathe deeply, close your eyes, and relax is not any one belief.  It is God telling you to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.

  The Israelites were told in the ten commandments to ‘remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy.’  Now days, even if we attend church, we go home to work.  Summer we have yard work, catch up on shopping,  clean the garage, build something, repair things around the house, on and on it goes.  Meditation is something we don’t think about.

Just try to relax for five minutes.  Think about pleasant things.  Listen to the sounds around you.  Birds singing, crickets chirping, grass growing, etc.  Think of Scripture.  God speaks to us in that still, small voice.  Slow down to hear Him.