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PSALM 80:18 – Restore us and revive us again O, LORD!  

It is time for revival in our country.  One like the Great Awakening many years ago.  Martin Luther, Billy Sunday, Dwight Moody, Billy Graham, all men who spoke out to revive people of faith and bring unbelievers to that faith.  The one I was involved with was the Charismatic movement in the sixties.  I know that many look down on what went on during those days, just like they looked down on the before mentioned men when they spoke up against Satan and his demons.

The enemy has used the church for many false teachings.  We don’t like to think that can happen, but it does all the time.  How many so called laws were put on the Jews in the Old Testament when the Ten Commandments covered all men needed to live by.  This is even true today how each religion makes its own rules, each government adds burdens to the people who voted for them, parents make rules for their children, rules are made for the road, rules for everything  we live with are made for our good.

However, some rules are not good for us.  We need to have the Holy Spirit’s gift of discernment to really know what He wants for us.  Revival is one of the things we can be sure God wants His people to take part in.  Don’t let the time go by.  The time is now to witness to what God has done for us.  We Christians must be in the Word and let Jesus lead us to revival.